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Accommodating Students Having Mental Health Issues

If you are a teacher, you must have encountered a student with a mental health issue, during your teaching career.

Most of the times, noisy and over-excited atmosphere causes pressure on students, triggering their mental health issues. So, it is commendable to keep the classroom atmosphere calm and relaxed, to help the students work in a relaxed environment.

The students suffering from mental health issues can get a panic or anxiety attack at any time. So, the teachers need to be specifically observant towards such students.

Mostly, the students suffering from mental health issues, do not socialize. The teachers can play an effective role by helping the students to form groups and engage in activities.


A teacher is mostly a good essay writer too. Teachers can engage their students in different reading and writing skills such writing essays on different issues. By doing excessive brain storming they can help their students to focus their minds towards more positive phases of life as they wil get a chance to think more and learn more.


Experiencing an anxiety or panic attack in front of other students may be an embarrassing situation for the suffering child. It is very important for the teachers to stay calm and keep the atmosphere relaxed while helping the student in need and not letting the other students see his troubled condition.


In order to help the students, suffering from mental health issues, the teachers can motivate them to exercise and play on a regular basis.


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