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Essay writing is a handy tool that can be used to nurture your thought process. It can be used to convey your ideas in a structured and mature manner. Essay writing is the first step to increase your efficiency of writing other documents which are required both in academic career and professional career. Focusing on effective communication skills will give you the ability to understand different topics and ideas, and after grabbing the central theme, you can very quickly volunteer someone who ask to write essay for me on the topic. Universities/colleges should encourage and engage students in participating in activities that strengthen their communication skills by which they can write compelling essays.

  • Students should be made to watch movies that imitate conversational skills. Because by watching such movies, it will enable the students to share and receive ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Films can teach students the fundamentals of conversation and communication skills after watching movies teachers should ask questions related to effective communication techniques. 

  •  Adequate communication includes both listening and speaking to others, and sometimes listening is more important than conveying your thoughts. In colleges, teachers should give students reading assignments in class and then other students should be asked questions from the reading. By doing this students will be able to understand other people perspective which can help them in their essay writing also. 


  • Students should be asked open-ended questions so that they can answer more than one word. This technique can help in essay writing skills because essay questions are also open-ended questions.

  •  Students should be involved in actives which aid in critical thinking abilities. These activities should be carried out both verbally and in written assignments. It will give students to respond to questions critically and critically. As essay writing is mostly based on the critical response of the writer, this activity will improve the basic skills that are required to improve essay writing skills they don't have to ask someone who write their papers for money every time



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