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Common Mistakes In Essay Writing

Essay writing is an art. It is no mystery why students struggle to grab quality grades in essays. It takes a
critical approach to produce a quality essay.Like mathematics, essay follows a defined methodology. 
You have to practice and practice to improve the skills of writing an excellent essay. 

Do you desire to master the art of writing outstanding essays? Well, read on to polish your skills.

1. Inappropriate Essay Topic

The most important part of the descriptive essay is its topic, so you have to be very careful while selecting 
the topic. Do not pick just any random and inappropriate topic. Do the background research and come up with an
interesting topic, which you can describe efficiently. Moreover, also take care of the fact that your topic is
not boring and would not incite the interest of the readers.

2. Improper Essay Organization

The second silly mistake which most of the students make in their descriptive essay is the abrupt discussion. 
They discuss different points in an unorganized manner, while not caring about the chronological structure of 
the essay. It creates quite a negative impact on the readers as they have to search for the information, instead
of being provided with it.

Try to write your essay in an organized and chronological manner, so the readers know the track of your essay. 
If you find writing an essay difficult, there is no need to worry as you can contact the professional services
and ask them can you write essay for me.

3.  Run on Sentences

Another quite absurd mistake committed by the students in their descriptive essay is the run-on sentences.
Most of the times, the descriptive essays are about some personal experience of the writer, so in the excitement
of sharing their experience while making it interesting, they forget to complete one sentence and jump to the
next.Do not commit any such mistake in your essay and check it, again and again, to ensure that you have not 
included any run-on sentences and the sentence structure of the paper is also perfect.

4. Use of Slangs

The silliest mistake which the students make in their descriptive essays is the use of slangs. While writing 
about their own experience, they think that they can use the informal language in their paper as well. However,
this is not rights. You have to include the proper formal language in your essay while taking care of all the 
other writing guidelines and ethics.

5.Unreliable References

The last absurd mistake in the descriptive essay by the students is the inclusion of inappropriate references.
Take care of the fact that you can only include the references from the reliable source in your essay and the 
source like Wikipedia does not count in that. Moreover, it is very important to include the reference in the
proper writing format, otherwise, you will lose your score.

I hope this will help you to know the mistakes of your descriptive essay and you will avoid them in your next 
paper. One more thing to notice if you are not good enough in writing effective essays, research papers or 
academics assignments, then you may take help from online writing service, where professional provide multiple 
kind of academic papers for sale.


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