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Dissertation Or Thesis Writing

Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation or thesis is not an easy task. A thesis can have a huge effect on your final transcript. You can ace all your grades but the end, your final project and thesis count for everything.

No matter how good your grades were, it will be all for nothing if you fail to present a successful thesis or dissertation.


Dissertation writing is a formal that includes research and discussion on a specific topic. It is not like an ordinary essay. You can write an essay in a couple of hours if you pay attention.

Thesis Writing

A thesis or a final project is the alternative of final exam in disciplines such as humanities. They have different forms, but typically it is a paper that comprises everything a student has learnt in their respective discipline.


There are different types of thesis paper for different fields, for example, being an English major and in order to write a thesis you can be asked to write a short story, a media student can be asked to submit a short film.


A graduate thesis also known as graduate dissertation is something a student works on with a member of the faculty who has specialized in the relevant field. A dissertation is 50-100 pages long. In fields such as science, it is based on an experiment whereas, for humanities, it is an extended version of your college paper.

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