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Writing Research Papers



Research paper the two words that have the power to cause instant panic and anxiety in students.


They are long and tiring, requiring a whole lot of research.


Research paper topics are used by professors as a measure to test a student’s level of understanding and knowledge.


Here are the steps that can help you create a perfect research paper.



Let us consider an example. If you have started writing your psychology research paper, decide the type of research paper.

There are basic 2 types of research papers.


  1. Empirical paper

  2. Literature Review approach


An empirical paper requires a lot of study and research. If you go for an empirical approach for your research paper, you have to add every experiment, related facts to your topic or any research done on your psychology research paper.


Literature review approach involves a detailed study, research and analysis of previously written papers or experiments performed related to your topic.


To write your research paper using literature review approach, you can summarize the empirical work done by someone else and analyze it according to your topic.


As the name “Research Paper” suggests, you have to do lots of research to write a detailed and perfect paper. Most of the student consider this the most interesting paper of writing a research paper.


Explore your topic all over the internet, in books and libraries, in journals and articles. You have to check what aspects of your topic have been covered by other researchers. Perform a detailed analysis of the study done by previous researchers.


Make a list of the factors and areas that have not been covered by the previous researches or the variables that are not discussed in details. Analyze their studies and point out the variables you can include in your paper.



Once you have decided the type of research paper, the topic for your paper, all the research material you need to justify your thesis statement or hypothesis, your outline is ready; you can start writing your psychology research paper now.


Divide the body of your research paper into different chapters and every chapter should complete one aspect of your topic.


Once you are done with the first draft of your essay, proofread it thoroughly and eliminate all the grammatical and spelling mistakes you find in it.


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