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Top 3 Persuasive Essay Writing Techniques

What Is A Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a literary artifact that aims at highlighting a
 certain paradigm and your specific perspective on it (favorable or
 opposing) with the sole aim to convince the other reader of your
 opinion. It includes an in-depth explanation of the chosen subject 
with strong supporting evidence to justify your claims and position. 

It must include compelling content to persuade the reader to believe
 your point of view and behave in a specified manner.

Your essay must be well-drafted comprising of conspicuous content
 to woo your audience and to encourage them to read on further. 

One must be cognizant of the utile guidelines for penning perfect
content for your paper. Here is an insight into the best writing
 techniques for crafting a whoa-worthy read.

1.Focus On The ‘Empathy’ Factor

Persuasive essay writing requires sharp focus and diligence for issue
 analysis. A good idea to persuade your reader to believe your notion 
is to use the ‘empathy’ factor to bond with them better. This persuasion
 technique helps to identify any emotional distress that the audience 
is experiencing and helps resonate with it. 

When you understand your audience better, you’ve more leverage to
draft convincing arguments designed keeping this empathy aspect 
in mind. This helps in morphing people’s perspectives and channeling 
them towards your specific stance so they are motivated to take up on
 your recommended solution.

2.Get To Know Your Reader Better

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade your reader to
 agree with your arguments and the most effective strategy to lure
 them is by creating that ‘personal’ vibe. According to the FESP
 framework proposed by Michael Port,you should essentially write
with your audience in mind. 

Focus on elements like ‘how would they
 feel about an issue?’ and how does the world appear to them in
 physical, emotional, spiritual and physical terms.

Connect with them on an emotional level and see how they’d respond
 to the subject being discussed; would they be more favorably inclined
 towards it or oppose it strongly? 

Researching about expert opinions on the matter and individual
 feedback from relevant sources helps evaluate such behavioral
 outcomes and personal opinions with more efficacy.

With a limpid understanding of your audience and their perspective,
 you steer your content writing into the right direction where they’d be
 compelled to agree with you.

3.Tone Matters-Step Up The Emotional Connect

Your readers will react to what they see in your write-up.
Your tone will set the route for your audience to go with you or against
 your stance.

For a persuasive essay, you want to connect with your
reader at an emotional echelon to encourage them to agree with your
opinion. A robot writing a literary piece will have a different impact
than a read that imparts a more humane vibe. 

The content should reflect a more human feel; as if a real person is
 talking to the reader; Packs more punch and hits the ‘connect’ spot
 right away. Make sure your tone is interesting, less formal and more
 personal to make your content more engaging and insightful.